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Activities in your household begin’ with the arrival of summer.
The kids get their vacations and with them at home for about three months, it would be the time that all families around the country, including yours, would begin to put all summer plans into gear.
Everything is just fine, the weather and the mood, there is ample time on the hands too, and with the kids wanting some fun, which they have not had trying to complete their school year, it is the time to leave home and enjoy.
But have you remembered everything?
Taken all your belongings going on that long trip to places unknown, to visit friends in another State, or just want to drive for a few days and take up the beautiful sights.
There is one thing that is very important that you must take along with you, and that is adequate insurance to face any unforeseen calamity that you could encounter.
If you already have your insurance why would you need another?
Your family is insured, your kids have their own college insurance, your home is insured, so what more would you need?
Read between the lines and ensure that your trip is covered, also whether your kid’s college insurance would cover this trip of theirs with you to another state?
Check it out, you may find that you have no insurance!
What do you do?
There is no cause for panic or alarm!
Just take out a temporary insurance for your kids to cover the three months they spend with you, speak to your insurance company and ensure your kids are adequately covered.
Check out your home, is it covered when you leave it unoccupied for an extended period of time! It may not be!
Your car may not be covered to drive into another State, check that out too!
“Prevention is better than cure” hence talk to your insurance company and ensure that everything you do this summertime is covered, so that you could relax and do whatever that you want to do, without carrying the burden of thinking of it at every turn.
Temporary insurance could cover specific acts for a specific period of time, and insurance companies would tailor make your policy if you talk to them, as they are the best people who could help you.
If you remaining at home and not planning to leave anywhere this summertime, still there may be certain aspects that you would have to consider.
Have you informed your insurance company that you have installed a trampoline in your backyard for your kids and their friends to have fun?
If you have not, certain clauses in your present insurance policy may overlap with the trampoline in your backyard, because insurance companies would pay as long as you don’t infringe on what is written down in the insurance policy.
So take good note and cover all aspects of temporary summertime insurance cover this summer, whether you are at home or not.